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Jan Elster has been a consultant and trainer in the animal care world for over 30 years.  With a background working with nonprofit organizations, Jan took her knowledge of "people skills" and translated it to the realities of animal protection and rescue.  She has helped many sheltering organizations' staff, management, boards and volunteers to improve their effectiveness, to develop enhanced leadership skills, to design and implement strategic plans and to deal with any kind of customer imaginable.

Jan prepared for translating her work from non-profits to animal welfare by volunteering in shelters.  She immersed herself in shelter life from walking dogs and cleaning kennels to attending obedience classes and offering innumerable workshops.  For her work with shelters and rescue groups, she was awarded American Humane Association's Lifetime Achievement Award for "her long-standing reputation and the tremendous contributions she has made to groups that work with animals."   

Jan lives in Tucson, Arizona with Lola, a special needs dog alumni of the Humane Society, Rocky a Chi-Pug mix from a local rescue, Scout, a 50-year old re-homed desert tortoise and three rescue desert box turtles named Pearl, Yolanda and Opal who roam in and out of the house, bask in the desert sun, and hibernate in the cacti garden.



Box turtle, Yolanda, seeks a cool spot     

 The local Humane Society matched Lola & Jan who often mind meld


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Jan found a forever home with Rocky, a pug-chi mix and whatever mix, who was transferred from a shelter in Mexico to a rescue in Tucson.



Rescue tortoise, Scout, lives in Jan's front yard.    


Jan hikes while Lola rides