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 What is the Facilitator's Guide?
It is a 55-page soft cover book that contains everything a novice or experienced Facilitator needs to use the and help others become Customer Smart. Please note that the 2016 version covers 10 of the 12 chapters in the new workbook.


You never know who may want to study and become Customer Smart!!!


 Why did Jan create a Facilitator's Guide?
  • Groups requested that she do so, and…
  • She believes that each shelter or rescue has the capacity to do its own training without the assistance of an outside Facilitator who may not know our business.

What will we get out of the Facilitator's Guide?

  • A primer on how adults learn


  • An overview of Facilitation 101


  • Guidelines for various ways to successfully introduce the workbook


  • Options for using the workbook in your unique organization


  • Step-by-step instructions (lesson plan) for each chapter in the workbook


  • A plan to pull all the information in the workbook together and create a Customer Smart culture in your organization

 How many Facilitator's Guides do we need?

While each staff person and volunteer needs a copy of the workbook, only the individual(s) responsible for sharing the workbook information need(s) a Facilitator's Guide. 

Consider copies for people like your HR person, trainer, department heads, director of operations, volunteer coordinator, etc.) 

What does the Facilitator's Guide look like inside?

 Section I: How to Use the Guide

  • Ways to make sure everyone is "on board" with acquiring Customer Smart skills
  • Suggestions for using the workbook with one person, a team, a department, in meetings or formal training
  • Advice from organizations that have used the workbook

Section 2:  Keys to Customer Smart Facilitation

  • Be clear about your role as Facilitator
  • The Facilitator's success depends on not only the materials but also good preparation
  • Ways that the workbook is geared toward adult learners
  • Proven methods for adult learners
  • What to do if your "adult" participants act like "children"

Section 3: Step by step lesson plans for each chapter of the workbook

  • Amount of time necessary for each chapter
  • Options for timing of meetings/sessions
  • Facilitator preparation
  • Steps for introducing and facilitating each exercise in every chapter from “saying hello” to assigning homework
  • Process for helping staff and volunteers implement Customer Smart skills on-the-job
  • Homework (basis for practicing Customer Smart skills between sessions)  

In-house managers, staff or volunteers who conduct any kind of training at the shelter or rescue will benefit from the "how to" primer.

Monty: Running around with sheep in Northern California


Lizzie: Adopted into forever home with two siblings


Yolanda: Placed with volunteer. Now a therapy chicken who specializes in nursing home visits


Angel: Rehabilitated...now works in a theraputic program for children with disabilities.


Susie: Recovered from eye surgury and now loved by many residents in an assisted living facility.


Buster: Broken leg mended...now romps and wrestles with three young boys.